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So the release of another Mud Digger album is upon on us and on this CD we have a vast array for artists from Bubba Sparxxx (known for his song “Ms. New Booty”) to JJ Lawhorn and The Daniel Lee Band, two artists who are featured on Country Underground. 

As soon as you put the CD in, you are hit with a beat that alot of people have heard before. Its Lenny Cooper’s “Mud Bog Paint Job”.  A parody to “Ice Cream Paint Job”. In my opinion its a pretty cool song. Truth be told about me, I’m not a big fan of the “country rap” but this song amuses me. It reminds me of a “Lonely Island” SNL parody.

You skip tracks and go to the second song and you are introduced to a guitar riff and beat that slows down the pace of the CD  just a tad. Also if you watch Drop Zone TV you might recognize the song. Its Colt Ford featuring JJ Lawhorn with a song called “Drop Zone” . In my opinion, this is one of the better songs on the album, no, its not because its JJ, but just because I like the beat of the song and its very catchy. 

Track 3 is the Lacs, “Let Your Country Hang Out”. It’s an ok song, like I said, I’m not big on the whole “country rap” genre, but there are a few songs I like. This song, sadly, and rather honestly, isn’t one of them. The first minute of the song is nothing but one and two syllable rhymes that just bore me. Maybe I have to let the song grow on me, but as of right now, not a song I’m going to be blasting going down the road, but I must admit, I do like the chorus.

That takes us to JB and The Moonshine Band. I was introduced to this band by a friend of mine. Listened to a few songs, became a fan. “More Beer For Breakfast”, track number four on the album. There really isn’t much to say about this song. It speaks for itself and for the college kid listening to it while he’s hungover heading to church on a Sunday morning, he will fully understand what JB is talking about.

The next song I’m going to highlight is JJ Lawhorn’s “Stomping Grounds”, its track number six on the Mud Digger album. I skipped number five because, well frankly, I don’t like it, its too different for me to even write about. It goes beyond “country rap”.  Anyways, back to “Stomping Grounds”. This song is another one of my favorites. Something about it  takes me back to my hometown. It puts me back in the hallways of my high school.  Makes me relive the four years I spent with the girl I thought was going to be the one. Reminds me of the hell me and my best friend raised at those late night bonfires on Saturday night. This is another job well done by JJ Lawhorn. Another song that has the ability to go number 1. 

Lucky number seven brings us to Bubba Sparxxx. A lot of people might remember his song “Ms. New Booty”, but his song “Country Boy Coolin” on the MD3 album is really good. I know I said that the whole “country rap” genre wasn’t me, but this song is something I can listen to. 

“My Truck”, number eight on the MD3 album by Redneck Social Club. Eh. That’s really all I can say about it. I liked it. This song talks about, you guess it, his truck. I will say that one of my favorite lines from this song was, “My Truck…all american, nothing chinese.”

Next song is “Backwoods Tobacco” by The Daniel Lee Band. Another song that is one of my favorites on here. He pretty much talks about what everyone down south or any country boy does on a Saturday night. Talking about passing around the “Backwoods Tobacco”. As of today, (6/12/12) this one was the most downloaded song off of this CD. Daniel Lee Band continues to impress and this song doesn’t let any of their fans down. 

Number 10 is “Kickin Up Mud (remix)” by The Lacs featuring Ira Dean. Being a fan of this song, its already a win in my book. Adding Ira Dean to it didn’t do anything but help it. 

Track number 11 is “Lick” by Denum Jones was ok for what it is. It reminds me of a country version of “Forget You” by Ceelo Green. I think the song will grow on me the more I listen to it, just like I think alot of these songs will. 

Lauren Briant is the next artist on this CD, it’s track number 12. The song is called, ” My Side Of His Story”. To be COMPLETELY honest, this song makes me think of what would happen if Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood got together and wrote a song together. It’s your mediocre, “I’m going to write a song about my ex” song. Being a guy, its ok at best. I’m sure the females that listen to the song will love it. 

The last song on the CD is by a guy by the name of Big Matt. He was the “Only In America” contest winner. He won by submitting an original song to Average Joe’s Entertainment. He is/was an unsigned artist when he submitted the song. Out of all of the entries, his was chosen to be featured on this album. For someone who isn’t signed, I’m pretty sure AJE is going to sign him soon. His song, “Long Road” is pretty decent. He talks about the struggles of making it big. Overall I liked it. 

With that being said, this album is fairly decent. If I had to give it a score it would be 7/10. Simply because of the whole “country rap”. The three songs that I mentioned being my favorites, “Backwoods Tobacco”, “Stomping Grounds” and “Drop Zone” in my opinion are worth the price of this CD. It seems like AJE has alot of pretty good artists in their line-up and on this CD. I am really looking forward to seeing what good things come from this label. Until next time guys, “Pass around the Backwoods Tobacco”