August 18th 2012, I had the chance to be on set with the boys from Georgia, also known as The Daniel Lee Band. They were filming a music video for their current single, “Backwoods Tobacco” featured on the Mud Digger 3 album. After a nine hour drive, two stops for gas, and what seemed like 20 pee breaks, me and the three others that decided to make the trip to little Pendergrass, Georgia, arrived. Greeted by Patrick Stevens, former guitarist for the band, things seemed to be starting off really well. I could tell that the evening was only beginning and I was in for a long night full of laughter, stories, meeting new people,  and an experience like none other.

Gathered around an old garage, 60 people strong watched Daniel Lee and company rock out on the set, silently. I never knew how quiet you had to be while on set. Have you ever tried rocking out to a song silently? Just think about that for a second, “ROCK out to a song SILENTLY.” Those were the words Lyn Sengupta, director of the video, used to describe how we had to act during one of the scenes in the video. So here we are, gathered around the band, music starts to play and all you hear are people whispering the words, “We put our trucks in the mud, trust in the lord, fall for the girl in them cut off shorts….” I must admit, it was one of the most difficult things in my life. Ok, maybe slight exaggeration, but still, after a few beers in me, the last thing I wanted to do was rock out silently to one of my favorite bands while they shot their very first major music video.

After shooting the major scenes, they decided to shoot some of the more “lyric-specific” ones, which if any of you have listened to the words to the song, you can probably guess which ones those are. Two hours later, all you hear are cheers from the people gathered around Lee signaling that “its a wrap”. The Daniel Lee Band just finished shooting their first music video and the real party is about to begin. We all gathered in the garage, Ms. Lyn thanked us for coming out, told us we are more than welcome to stay, enjoy the food, have a few beers (something I had already been doing), mingle, enjoy a summer night stomping in the Georgia clay, and that’s just what we did. Someone breaks out the old six string, strums a couple chords from Tom Petty’s hit song, “Free Fallin”, and before you know it, there’s a group gathered around three people, singing the words, “She’s a good girl, loves her mama. Loves Jesus and America too.”

Georgia has to be one of the most peaceful places in the south, on the east coast, and in the country. Rain or shine. Speaking of rain, ever seen 10 grown adults go dance and sing in a downpour in the middle of the night? I have, it’s happened in Georgia before. while we passed around the “Backwoods Tobacco”.

For more information on the Daniel Lee Band, visit, or you can go to For booking information, please contact Rob Cain at Download “Backwoods Tobacco” off  iTunes or buy the entire Mud Digger 3 album a your local Best Buy or Walmart.

(SN: Since i got your attention, check out the newest song by Daniel Lee entitled “Poor Me”