Before you go any further into reading this review, I want everyone to know that I like Ben Wells as a singer. I think that he has an awesome voice. When I first listened to him, the first song I had heard was “Valdosta Rain” which I absolutely love.

With that being said, my initial thought of “Get Down” was, “I can dig this, it sounds too familiar though, but I like it.” I don’t know if it was the “Come on y’all” or the “Pop a top…” or if it was the overall sound of the song. But it reminded me of Brantley Gilbert. A lot. From the guitar riffs to the breakdown. I’m not saying this song is terrible, all I am saying is, there could have been more originality  behind it. I catch myself a lot of the times during the song waiting for the “grit” in his voice, but it never shows itself. But, I can see myself listening to this at a party or bonfire simply because it’s got that feel to it.

This is the only song that doesn’t scream, “Amazingness” to me when I listen to it. The majority of Wells’ stuff I listen to on a daily basis as a fan. So, I am going to have to give this song a C- for lack of originality. Here’s the official lyric video for the song. Check it out yourself and tell me what you think.