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So I came across this CD last week while I was looking for new things to listen to. I wanted to hear something new from Brian Davis, being a fan of his since around last summer. Listening to all of his other stuff like “Pull Up A Tailgate”, “Summer Back” and “Talk A Little While On My Tailgate”, this fills that void that I have missed when it comes to BD and his music. With that being said, lets get into this review.

So I first listened to the preview that BD put on Youtube.

After listening to this, I immediately started searching for  Under The Influence. Just listening to the preview I knew I was going to like this CD. It’s rare that I go out and buy a CD, let alone a digital CD, but I am 100% happy with this purchase. Brian Davis didn’t let me down one bit.

So, as soon as you put this CD in, you are introduced to a riff that got a little bit of grit to it. Reminded me of the beginning of an Eric Church song. It had that rock influence to it. Funny thing is, the first song on the CD is the title track, Under The Influence. A few tracks later you come across what sounds like BD singing a Capella. This song is called, “Lights of My Hometown” , written by both Brian Davis and Brantley Gilbert, this song hit home for me. Not because of the obvious reasons, “Lights Of My Hometown” but for the very last verse. “How bout a flash light on a gravestone, let your best friend know that he aint alone, go on pop a top pour a little out, let him know that your still thinking about him….” For some reason, this verse makes me realize that the slower pace of life is always worth more than living life at seventy miles per hour.

The next song that stuck out in my mind was the song “County Line Crossers”. It had that kick, that heavy guitar riff, lyrics that describe summer time in the small towns all across those the United States. Its a song that I can see people listening to during the summer time.

So a few tracks later, you come across another song that BD wrote with Brantley Gilbert called “Hurt Like Hell Yea”. I first heard this song in August of 2011 when I saw BD open up for Brantley at the 9:30 Club in D.C. And back then I knew this was going to be one of those hits. One of those “kick ass songs” and I was right. With lyrics like, “This is gonna hurt like hell, gonna leave a scar, wish I hadn’t done this tonight, tomorrow morning when I wake up,” This song fits any boy from the south that typically doesn’t start the fight but finishes it every time.

To round out the track, and to bring the CD to a close is a song that slows down the pace. It sets up for a perfect ending in my eyes. The song is called “Against The World”, and I have to say, this is one of my favorite songs on the CD, and it closes it out really well. This is going to be that song that every female, who listens to Brian Davis, is going to love.

In closing, I spent $8.99 on Amazon to get a CD DIGITALLY, something that I normally don’t do, and I am so glad that I did. Brian Davis’ Under The Influence is a MUST buy. It’s probably one of the better CD’s out right now. He is right up there with Thomas Rhett, Kip Moore, Florida-Georgia Line, JJ Lawhorn and the other up and coming artists out there. So, I’m giving this CD a 4.5/5, because this is dang near perfect.

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