C-Rap, Country-Rap, Hick-Hop, call it what you want, but it’s still music, and it still tells a story. Moonshine Bandits of Average Joe’s Entertainment are doing just that, having just released a single that is featured on the newly released Mud Digger 5 record titled, “Too Easy”. It features label mate Daniel Lee singing the hook of the song. I got a chance to sit down and actually listen to the lyrics of the song this morning, and the first thing that came to my mind was the fact that this song had that “in your face, how do you like me now” feel. I’d have to say, the line that stuck out the most to me was, “And every record exec that kept telling me no, I got that middle finger in the air swinging out the window. So grab your genre, and you can label me this, tatted up hell raiser/outlaw…”

The overall feel of the song was outstanding, then adding Daniel Lee to the hook was just an extra bonus. Daniel has been featured on the last three Mud Digger albums with tracks titled, “Backwoods Tobacco”, “Headed South” and now this song with the Moonshine Bandits, he has also been featured in the “Backwoods Boys” track with Charlie Farley and it has been just announced that Daniel Lee will be featured on Colt Ford’s next record, “Thanks For Listening” that comes out July 1st. Lee also has his own debut album out 7/22/14.

This song, it made my jaw drop because of how raw and true it was. I’ve only listened to a few Moonshine Bandits songs, and truth be told, before I was introduced to Charlie Farley, I wasn’t big into the Hick-Hop side of the country genre, but this song, it just gave me a whole new perspective. It tells me that every artist, no matter if its opera to country-rap, has a story to tell. Be sure to check out this song and the rest of the Mud Digger 5 album. Order it on iTunes, Amazon, or purchase in stores now.

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