Ever since my trip to Pendergrass, Ga back in 2012, I have always said that there is something magical about the state Georgia. Whether it’s the way the rain cools you down on a hot summer night, or the feel of that red Georgia clay underneath your feet as you stomp to the beat of some of the best music to hit the scene today, there is something pretty amazing going on in the state of Georgia. Speaking of the Georgia Red Clay, I got a chance to get my hands on the EP “Dig In” from the band Georgia Red Clay, and that is just what I did.

First thing I said to myself when I heard the first few riffs of “Don’t Tread On Me”, “Damn, this has that southern rock feel to it, not what I was expecting at all. I can “dig” this.” Then the lead vocals of Brian Warner started playing in my ears. “Don’t tread on me. Just let me be. I believe what I believe.” Now, for those that have yet to hear GRC, Warner sings this song with a growl, or what sounds like a growl to me. At first, I was skeptical, but as I listened to the song, I realized that this song wouldn’t be the same if it didn’t have that edgy feel to it. Every now and again, I hear myself singing it as it’s stuck in my head. Now anyone who knows anything knows that when a song gets stuck in your head, its catchy, and that is exactly what this song is, catchy.

On to the next track that I listened to, “Goin Down”, immediately started tapping my foot to the beat of the drum, and I just started listening to it. Not intensively because I had other things going on, phones ringing and just every day life happening around me. Then something happened, a line at the very end, the last eighteen seconds of the song, caught my attention.I immediately stopped what I was doing, hit rewind, and listened to that line one more time, “Better think before you act so you don’t fall when you could have flown, we only get one time go round on earth before we’re done, if you think the answer’s in that bottle drink it down, even though your feet maybe dry on land, you’ll surely drown….” It just made me think. It literally made me stop doing everything what I was doing. Amazing line.

“Next Time” brings it down a notch, slows the pace, talks about how how things haven’t always been easy, but it they will get better in time. I like this song. I like the concept of it, but in all honesty, something felt like it was missing. It almost felt like the lyrics were more generic. “I’m living my life, made mistakes and that’s alright, I’ll just do it better next time.”

“Why Girl”, I think as men, we ask ourselves this question on a daily basis. The song is another one of those songs that will have you tapping your foot as soon as it starts. It repeatedly asks the question, “Why girl Why”. and I repeatedly ask the same. I like this song, it’s simple, but it keeps tapping your foot.

The last song on the EP, “Southern Born and Bred”, tells us about a girl who has all of those qualities of them down home southern girls. It’s got that real southern rock vibe to it, just like much of the EP. It’s a nice guitar solo right there towards the end of the song. I feel like it’s a good song, great potential, but it needs to grab that next gear.

As a whole, I like the concept of the entire EP, from “Don’t Tread On Me” to “Southern Born and Bred”, I do however feel like it’s missing that next gear. There is potential, it’s just a matter of digging deeper to find it. Out of the entire EP, “Goin Down” was probably my favorite song on here.  It has that feel to it, and I’m still amazed by that line, ” ..if you think the answer’s in that bottle drink it down, even though your feet maybe dry on land, you’ll surely drown…”

This was my first time listening to GRC, and while I’m not blown away, I’m not disappointed either. I want to hear more from them as they grow as a band. I think there is something there, it just has to be found. I’d give it a 6/10 because in my opinion, the lyrics are more generic for my liking, but the music was pretty decent. I’m not saying to write them off by any means. I’m saying, keep an eye on them, because there is something there, and as a band, I don’t think they have discovered it yet themselves.

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