Stoked for this single to be released because I am a Brantley Gilbert fan, I was on the fence about this cut. It didn’t seem like he had that energy that the song has. As someone stated to me, it’s almost as if he was given this song because of the bad boy persona that he gives off. Now I know people are going to not like hearing this, but I just feel as if Gilbert could have done so much more with this song. I think that he needs to get back to what made him the artist that he is today, genuine heart felt music. One of my favorite songs by Gilbert is off of a record that not many people know about, “Modern Day Prodigal Son”.

I don’t know, here is the single, check it out for yourself. Leave comments below giving me your opinion. Also feel free to read my past blogs. I have some pretty cool reviews coming up, Backwoods Boys and Lenny Cooper’s latest CD’s are going to be next on the review list.