I’ve been opening my mind to this new style of music they call “Hick-Hop”. I’ve caught myself listening to Charlie Farley and Colt Ford a lot more now. I was recently introduced to come boys out in Alabama that call themselves, The Backwoods Boyz. I listened to a track that featured Charlie Farley so I figured I would give their EP , “Backwoods” a shot.

The group consists of two people, Kenneth Sager and Chris Dasinger. Now a little about these boys,  They started making music June of 2013, but they have been writing music for two to three years. They have a WIDE variety of influences from Charlie Farley to Travis Tritt and even Eminem. I asked them out of curiosity, “Why Hick-Hop?” The response was exactly what I had expected, “Because it relates to our lifestyle and the way we live and also what we love to do.”

With that being said, time to jump into the EP track by track, so here we go.

Backwoods Life – The intro-track to the EP, first minute into this and I’m hearing Charlie Farley, I can already dig this, or so I thought. Ok, so I love the fact that CF is on this track, but something about this track doesn’t hit. Maybe it’s the sound, maybe the cliche lyrics, maybe it’s the simple fact that I can’t really hear the artists. I don’t know, I love the hook to this song, but I’m upset that I can’t really hear main artists.

Creek Bank Chillin’ – Something about this song just turned me off. I don’t know if it was the beat or the lyrics. I just couldn’t get into this song. There were a couple verses that I liked, but overall, I’d skip this song.

Back Home (Remix) – This song was really good. They seem to use the hook from the Florida-Georgia Line song, which has Brian singing, you really can’t go wrong there. I also like the fact that verses flowed together. This was one of those songs that I would jam in my car for sure. Also the fact that Charlie Farley is free styling in the beginning of it makes me a little more biased to it.

Fishing Pole and a Bottle of Shine – A slower paced song, the beat to the song makes me want to move a lot slower than what I should be. I do however like the verses. But, that hook, it’s frustrating. Also, hearing “DJ [insert name here]” is distracting when I’m trying to hear the words. I think that if you sped the song up and got rid of “DJ _____” part, it would be a pretty good song.

For My Outlaws – Wasn’t feeling this song. It’s TOO hip-hop for me.

Lay It Down – Again, much like the previous song, this is just too hip hop for me. They mention trucks, backwoods, mudding, but it just doesn’t do it for me.

My Home – A slower song with a pretty decent beat. Another song that features Charlie Farley, another song that has a really good hook. It’s got that southern feel to it. Definitely a song that I would play at some bonfires.

Listen To Your Heart – Roxette sampled song, I like it. I like the potential this song has. I like beat behind the song. I think the only thing I dislike about this song, it sounds like they are singing in a tunnel. But overall, it’s decent.

So, after listening to this entire EP over and over again, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am on the fence about it. Like I really like the potential. The Backwoods Boys have really good potential to be something in this genre. I think this is a good start for them. In my opinion, there are a few flaws to the EP, but with experience, they will be good. They have a good guy in their corner in Charlie Farley, so I look forward to seeing what they come up with in the future.

6/10 – I like the potential, but again, I’m on the fence about this one.