Got a chance to listen to the new record by Jason Aldean before it was released. Having listened to “Burning It Down”, the first single off the record, I was iffy. So I went into listening to this CD with caution and trying to have an open mind. So, lets get into this review going track by track.

Just Gettin’ Started – Literally listened to this song three times when I first listened to it. That guitar riff, the beat, it has me bobbing my head. This is the Aldean that I am used to. I really dig this song.

Show You Off – So, judging by the title of this song, I felt like it was going to be another one of those, “Let me brag about my girl” songs, and that is exactly what it is. While, I’m not against it, it does sound like the industry has made the “girl in a country song” seem like a trophy. I don’t hate the song, I just wish that it would have more substance behind it rather than the obvious.

Burnin’ It Down – When I first heard this song, I couldn’t stand it. There’s nothing “country” about it. It reminds me of a Boys II Men song or something, and that one line, “Right here naked in my bed…”, I just can’t handle it. Definitely was not into this song.

Trying To Love Me – This song hit me pretty hard. Reminds me of “Why”, and it also takes me back to that “old school” Jason Aldean. It’s got that sound that drew me into him when he broke into the scene in 2005. I can hear this song on the radio for sure.

Sweet Little Something – This song picks up the tempo, starts off kind of weird, but after listening to the full song, I can say that I do like it. It has A LOT of sound effects in it, but you still can hear Aldean’s voice throughout the song. It’s a really good, up beat song.

Laid Back – Another song that gives me that old school Jason Aldean feel. You really can’t go wrong with this song either. It’s got a nice guitar solo in the middle. So far I am really digging this new CD, and just about halfway through and I am pleased at what I have heard so far.

Tonight Looks Good On You – I’m digging the lyrics to this song, but I’m not liking the music associated with it. It gives me that new “bro country” vibe that I’m just tired of hearing within country music now. It almost feels like the music doesn’t match the lyrics. I feel that if the music was slower, it’d be a pretty song. This one is so-so in my eyes.

Too Fast – I like this cut, eight songs in and I feel as if Jason has gone back to his original sound. Or at least that is the vibe that I am getting so far with this CD. It does remind me of some of his older songs, but given the stuff that he has put out before this, it’s not a bad thing.

If My Truck Could Talk – They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover. I think the same can be said about a title for a song as well. This song takes me back to riding around King William, Va. It puts me in the passenger seat with my best friend, kicking up dirt on Dunluce Road. It makes me feel invincible again.  This was just the second song that a repeated multiple times.

Old Boots, New Dirt – The title track to the new record, this song has to be on point and amazing right? Dead on, great song. It’s that, “You know what, I don’t need you, get your memory out of my head.” song and I absolutely love it.

I Took It With Me – Rocking guitar riffs, aggressive lyrics, up beat tempo, honestly, everything that I personally like. 11 tracks into this record and I can say that it still has me interested. That’s saying a lot because my attention span is awfully bad. I wish this song didn’t end as soon as it did though.

Don’t Change Gone – Given the circumstances that happened in his marriage, when I hear this song, I hear his emotion. Aldean has always been able to put his emotion into songs and turn good songs into great songs. That’s what he did with this one. This is classic Jason in my opinion.

Miss That Girl – Ok so my previous statement about “Don’t Change Gone”, yeah, this song brings me back to that same feeling.

Gonna Know We Were Here – Gave me that “Johnny and June” feel, almost like that’s what inspired the writing of this song. The names weren’t mentioned at all by that’s the feeling I got.

Two Night Town – This song reminded me of a song that I have heard before, not exactly the same, but to me, it had almost the same meaning. “I’m stuck in a place that I need to get out of.” This is a song that everyone can relate to, we’ve all “spent three nights in a two night town…”

I’ve decided not to do the bonus tracks simply because I feel like I have gotten the overall sound of the record within these fifteen songs. With that being said, I think this is one of the best CD’s  8/10 that Aldean has put out. It’s given me that old school Jason feel, with new songs. Only one song that I was not to fond of, and I honestly felt that, that was going to be the feel of this entire record. Thankfully it wasn’t and it was way better than what I expected. This is a CD that I will for sure keep around, its also one that I recommend getting. Of the newer artists and all the “bro country” going around in Nashville, I felt that this record didn’t have that sound.

Rating – 8/10, while it’s not a “must get” record, it’s one that I would urge someone to listen to.