Kane Brown took the internet by storm earlier this year with covers from Chris Young and Josh Turner. Now the twenty-one year old has released his first single on iTunes called, “Don’t Go City On Me”. I’ve listened to a lot of the covers that he has done and have ALWAYS said that I wish he would experiment with his range in his songs. It seemed like he was stuck in the same key for the most part. So hearing, “Don’t Go City On Me” for the first time I was pleasantly surprised to hear how he has improved since he started. With that being said, the overall sound of the song was done really well also, it doesn’t have that, “Bro-Country” sound, but the lyrics did have that feel to them. Now I know this is his first song that he has written and released so I shouldn’t critique it so hard, but with the direction that country music has gone over the last few years, I want to see something fresh. I’m not saying that he won’t make that happen in the long run, but this single didn’t give me that, “Finally something new” feeling. I DO look forward to hearing more from him, whether it be on YouTube or Facebook.


Rating – 2.5/5 – I like the range in his voice, I like the MUSIC that goes with the song, it doesn’t have that pop country feel to it, but as I stated, lyrically I felt like it would have been better. I think as he improves on his vocabulary lyrically, his writing will get better.