After releasing “Under The Influence”, I thought for sure Brian Davis was going to go mainstream. People were finally going to  hear what I have been screaming about for the last 3 years, but I was wrong, which I am okay with, because it seems that once you go mainstream you change a bit for the spotlight. Davis has released an EP with just six songs on it, a little short compared to his last full length record, but I am still excited to hear some new music from the North Carolina native. That being said, lets see why Brian Davis is, “All About That Life”.


Hard Headed Heart – First track off of the EP and I am introduced to just Brian Davis, a guitar, and the sound of a record scratching as it’s being played. Soothing to say the least. I suddenly got taken back to looking the woman that I love in the eyes and telling her that while I may be stubborn, in the end, it’ll be worth it. This song is defines Brian Davis. All he needs is a guitar and a microphone.

Somethin’ About Us – Second song, slower paced just like the previous song, but not as slow. It’s got a different feel to anything I have heard from Brian Davis, lyrically it’s him, but this sound, it’s throwing me off. Not that it is a bad thing by any means, because change is a good thing. Only thing I can really say about this song is that it’s not one that I would put on repeat, but it’s one that I wouldn’t change if it came on my Spotify or Slacker Radio.

Party For Two – Lyrically this song is very stereotypical,  “I’m laying down, ain’t no body around, except you and me baby, the high that you got me on is some kinda strong, your whiskey kiss is all that I need, so give me one more. just like Im’a thirst for and I’ll hold you all night long girl. Come lay your head down on my chest, it’s a party for two in my truck bed.” Now, he just mentioned everything that is “Bro-Country”, in one chorus. Not what I am used to from BD, but it’s not a bad song. It’s what we did to get that girl we wanted in high school. Swoon her a little bit, show her this secluded spot where no one can find the two of ya’ll and give her all of your attention. This is one that I could keep on repeat, maybe try and sing it to her, get her to fall for me without the whiskey kisses.

I Earned This Beer – Now this is the hard hitting, up tempo, Brian Davis that I have been waiting for. Halfway through the EP and I am not disappointed one bit. This song has me flipping off my boss (just kidding David I don’t want to get fired), and saying “C’ya till Monday.”

Drink a Beer With Ya – Two songs back to back with the word “Beer” in the title. That makes me a little disappointed on the creativity side. Lyrically this song reminds me of the song that just listened to, just slightly different. I honestly didn’t even finish listening to it.

All About That Life – When I first listened to this song, I said to myself, “Ugh another song about him saying how country he is.” Then, I went back and listened to it again and said, “Oh, no it’s not, it’s him describing his perfect woman.” Realizing that, it changed my thought on this song entirely. I totally dig this song. One that I played three times over and over actually.

Coming to the end of the EP, I find myself wanting more. Six songs just isn’t enough considering that it’s been over two years since he released an album, but the EP is something fresh and new which is a good thing. It’s definitely worth the $5 to get off of iTunes. The EP itself started off slow, and it had me a little worried, but it ended up being very upbeat and true to BD’s form. I like it.

Rating – 6 out of 10 – It felt REALLY short compared to the last record he released which is understandable because this isn’t a full length record. The songs are not bad at all. A little repetitiveness, but that’s come to be expected in today’s country music. I still think that it is worth getting.

Favorite Song – Hard Headed Heart.

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